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Recreating the Rain Garden

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

The Ohio State University

8:30AM was when we were supposed to meet at Jennings Hall. Admittedly, I wasn't optimistic. If I barely woke up in time myself, how could I possibly expect the rest of the members to do the same? Turns out, that's exactly what happened. In fact, we were the second largest student organization there to attend the event (the first was a service sorority so it hardly counts).

Personally, it was very refreshing. I've never gardened in my life, so that's a check off the list. Albeit, I did accidentally kill a huge plant (Or was it a small tree?) Thankfully, I transported another one of those from a different location so all was well. After almost 3 hours, we treated ourselves to some bagel sandwiches and I must say, all in all, it was absolutely worth it.

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