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First Health Points Meeting of the 2017-2018 Year

After the fall involvement fair, our original members had high expectations for the first meeting. Some suspected at least 60 people would show up. I had hoped for at least 50. We waited at our assigned classroom from 7:45PM. There seemed to be several people there already, so that was good. Within 5 minutes, the classroom that was meant for 60 people was almost full. I was completely taken aback.

At this rate, we knew we needed a different classroom. Thankfully, there was a lecture hall down the hall that could fit over 200 students. Interestingly, it barely managed to fit everyone that came.

Almost 200 students for the very first Health Points meeting. I was ecstatic. There were a mixture of eager freshmen, looking to join a pre-health organization to help kick-start their career path, along with upperclassmen who were interested in joining a student org for their very first time.

At the end of the meeting, I had the opportunity to talk to over 20 students individually. They told me their majors, and some gave their expectations for this club. I realized this organization has the potential to give an infinite amount of resources to these students, and I aim to do everything in my power to make sure Health Points reaches it's potential.

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